Sunday, August 23, 2015

Homeschooling, Hometuition and Quran Classes.

Primary school, Secondary school and Adult classes⛅
🌈Termed one-to-one tuition, it is the most exclusive form of private coaching that you'll ever find. The tutor in this case would devote 100% of her attention to the student for the entire duration of the session. Often times, the tutor will be so attuned to the student's learning habits and skills that the teaching process is customized for maximum understanding and retention.
· Close and personal attention. Dedicated attention
compared to large classes in schools and tuition centers.
· Small group for each lesson (upon request)
· Compared to tuition at learning centers, students can attend the lessons at home when he/she is free (refer to schedule).
· Practice books provided.
· Location : Student’s home (RAWANG-SHAH ALAM-GOMBAK)
FOR ENQUIRIES : Contact Mrs Khalilah (019-4737645)

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